Vita Perfetta’s VR Rush is the hottest, new thing in party entertainment!

Occulus Rift technology goes beyond traditional VR to create full sensory immersion. Party guests take turns being swept into thrill-ride blazing, mind-blowing experiences all without leaving their seat.

It’s an exhilarating ride into endless worlds of adventure. Plunge into your favorite movies, travel through time, journey into outer space, and more.

With its stereoscopic 3-D OLED display, and 360-degree visuals, Occulus Rift literally taps into your visual cortex to make you feel like you’re actually there. The integrated headphones provide a 3-D audio effect with rotational and positional tracking.

With this hot, new technology, the brain translates each experience as happening in the real world.

Vita Perfetta’s VR Rush is heart pumping, exhilarating, entertainment that will leave every party guest SHOOK!