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Want an amazing event? 

We offer "out of the box," sophisticated, creative and reliable talent for your special events and occasions.  Whether you are planning an upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, holiday party, shower, carnival/festival, red carpet event, school function, or any other type of event, you need something to add some real flair to your look.

Vita Perfetta will set apart your event from all others and create a memorable experience your guests will remember forever. With our various options of creative services, we have something special for every age group. 

Check out which one is best for you, and have a Vita Party!


Twinkling Tiaras

Vita Perfetta Twinkling Tiaras will give your guests a gift they can truly treasure, a one of a kind floral adorned LED tiara.

These twinkling floral tiaras are hand crafted by our artists at your event using a gorgeous array of flowers then it’s up to your guests to choose which tiara most speaks to them. 



You can be the Willie Wonka of the 21st century, as you welcome guests into a wonder world of edible enchantment, with Vita Perfetta’s Edible Terrariums.

Glass-encased plants have never looked so good, and they’ve never tasted this good either!



Immortalize the part of your body that says the most without ever talking: your hands!

With Vita Perfetta Custom Hand Sculptures, you can become your own legendary masterpiece, with a personalized bust of your hand made from plaster.


Time to get your digital boogie on!

Vita Perfetta Digital Dance Party brings the best selling rhythm video game, “Just Dance,” to your event using the power of the Nintendo Switch.

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As part of a new column on our website’s blog, our resident advice expert will give some words of wisdoms to our dear friends who come visit us on vitaperfetta.com.

Whenever you have a question, a thought, or whatever that you’d like to get an objective opinion or advice on, submit it to info@vitaperfetta.com. Every few weeks we will submit a post with our answer to one question that we have selected. And don’t worry, this is of course anonymous :)


Vita Perfetta is proud to announce that our blog will now feature a bi-weekly post called “The Comedy Cabinet”!

Twice per month, visit vitaperfetta.com to get your fill of pure comedy gold. Any topic is eligible, with content ranging from witty diatribes to short stories to one liners and more.

If you like to Laugh Out Loud, and maybe even Roll On The Floor Laughing, the Comedy Cabinet is the blog for you!