Ready to read the funnies?

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Set for the Sunday morning strips?

Why go out and buy a comic when you can create your own?

It’s The Comic Store by Vita Perfetta!

Get animated at your next event, with our custom comic strips! Choose from a series of themes and stories crafted by our comic artist, then watch as you are drawn into the strip as the main character.

Untitled-Artwork 2_1.jpg
Untitled-Artwork 2.jpg

There will be prompts aplenty, satisfying a full range of your favorite comic scenarios. See

yourself taking on your biggest fear, becoming a superhero, reliving a recent dream, or even

playing with your favorite animal! Anything is possible at The Comic Store!

Further boost your tailored ‘toons with personalized wording. For an added upgrade, we provide

a writer to create custom captions to accompany your unique comic strip.

Get ready to see yourself like never before, at The Comic Store, by Vita Perfetta!