What do you get when you cross a piñata, a cake, and the Hulk?

Smash Cakes Now in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills!

Our beautiful dome cakes are made for two things: smashing, then eating!

We start with a solid shell flavored to perfection with any sweet confection you can imagine.

Then choose from one of our signature designs, or create your own custom cake look! Whether

it’s a majestic unicorn, an ice cream sundae explosion, or simply a super chocolate-y delight…

admire it, take a picture of it, then it’s hammering time!

Upon smashing your tantalizing treat, you’ll find a sugary surprise! The cakes are filled to the

brim with copious amounts of your favorite candies.

Sure, having your cake and eating it too sounds good, but with Vita Perfetta Smash Cakes, you

can have your cake, your candy, smash it, and eat it too!