Wow, something smells delicious! Follow your nose to our awesomely fliptastic pancake art station. Round pancakes are so last year! It’s time to batter up with stack after stack of tasty shapes. From hearts, flowers and poo emojis, to your favorite Disney, comic, and cartoon characters, the options are as endless as your imagination.

First, choose a sizzling character or shape. Then, be mesmerized as our artist brings the design to life right in front of everyone’s eyes. Looking for a cell phone shaped pancake? Coming right up!

Then get ready to activate it with our syrups and sprinkles.

With Vita Perfetta Pancake Art, think fluffy fun that lasts all night long!



A pancake in a shape you say
Of hearts and flowers of big bouquets
A pancake doesn’t look so nice
Of lions and tigers and bears oh my
A shapely pancake but still all the same
A tasty treat it will remain
So next time you have a fluffy cake
Think of all the shapes you’ll make