The following preview has been approved for all audiences by the Vita Perfetta Motion Picture Association of America, INC.

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..In a world where the same old posters were printed by the 1,000s, one company decided to change the game. 

Shere: “What do you think we should do?”

Matthew: [intense] “Let’s change the game…”

Together, they set out on a mission: To provide custom posters to anyone who wanted one. With the help of 2 renegade graphic artists and a stealthy photographer, they aimed to create a new and unique experience.

Shere: “I know we’re doing movie posters, but I think we should do book covers, too. How about Harry Potter?”

Matthew: “Definitely.”

Shere: “Ooh, and TV shows, too. Maybe Friends? Or The Office?

Matthew: “Yup.”

Shere: “We can even do Broadway musicals! Cats, Rent, Footloose!”

Matthew: “Shere! We can literally do any theme we want.” 

Shere: “The possibilities are endless…”

Party-goers had their photos taken against a white screen. But then, they witnessed something that nobody had ever seen before… 

Live art was created in front of their very eyes. The graphic artists brought any theme imaginable to life. Any design, any scenario, anything at all, they could put you in a poster that was truly one-of-a-kind.

Shere: “This is great! Should we make these 15 x 20?”

Matthew: “We can do bigger. 16 x 21”.

Graphic Artist: “No. Even bigger. Let’s give the people what they want: 17 x 22”.

Your party. Your creation. Your custom poster. Are YOU ready for this?