Everyone knows that the one factor that can transform your party from great to fantastic is quality entertainment!  Vita Perfetta has partnered with the international experts at MARK PASKELL ENTERTAINMENT to offer you an amazing selection of first-class performers -- and you get to create exactly the presentation that you want!  

Browse below to choose from Magic, Circus, Juggling and more!  From a simple show to an all-out extravaganza, Mark will personally work with you to concoct the perfect spectacle your guests will excitedly remember  !


Not just a "magic show" -- Mark brings a UNIQUE, CUSTOMIZED high-energy spectacle to your event!  He will use material about the guests during the illusions, bring special people onstage to share the spotlight, and create a magic buzz that your guests will talk about long afterwards.  

Mark presents amazing magic he has performed around the world, and creates a truly unforgettable experience!


Some people say the most exciting type of magic is the kind that happens right under your nose!  Imagine Mark walking around pulling silver dollars out of people's ears, changing ordinary sand into a real diamond, or making a glittery wedding ring vanish right off a surprised woman's hand! 

Perfect for cocktail parties or during large events, fantastic close-up magic is the social lubricant that makes your guests relax and start great conversations. 


Everyone dreams about running away to join the circus.  Now Mark and Vita Perfetta bring the show to you!  A colorful fun show plus workshop where your guests will learn basic skills of clowning, juggling and circus arts.  Safe and exciting, this entertaining presentation gives everyone a gift that will last a lifetime!


Think it's impossible for you to learn how to juggle?  Well, how would you like to be able to start to do it in 15 minutes?  

Mark shows you that with the proper stance and grips, juggling is actually a fun and healthy activity that you can pick up pretty easily!

This workshop is great for kids OR adults, and comes with all supplies for the workshop included.  

(For a small extra fee the guest can take home a real set of pro juggling balls -- the easiest type to juggle!)


At the age of 7, Mark became fascinated with the art of magic. In the following years he devoured every magic book at the local library, and performed countless shows for friends, neighbors and even at Ford Motor Company where his father worked.

He turned professional at the age of 15, and expanded his skills beyond conjuring to include juggling, mime, clowning and other variety arts.

This dedicated development of skills and expertise led to Mark being offered a job in the city of lights, Las Vegas, when he was 20.

Following his time in Vegas, Mark continued to expand his repertoire as he worked across the USA, entertaining both private and corporate clients.

Standouts include Steven Spielberg, Brain Grazer, John Travolta, Sam Raimi, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sylvester Stallone, while his corporate client list includes ABC, Health Net, Walt Disney Studios, Amtrak, Shell Oil and many Fortune 500 companies.

Mark is proud to have assisted David Copperfield – the world’s most famous magician – in his development of Project Magic, a teaching program for handicapped children and adults.
Internationally, Mark has toured with his show through China, Japan, Mexico, Trinidad and various parts of Europe.

In addition to performing, Mark consults, supervises and assists on motion pictures and television shows that need magic, circus arts or practical special effects.

He has taught actors to shoot fire from their hands, or make a purse float; once he made the entire cast of a show disappear in a puff of smoke!

Additionally, Mark has advised Hollywood screenwriters who want accurate depictions of magic and magicians in their screenplays.

Today Mark not only still performs worldwide, but consults, organizes and executes private events that needs excellent variety entertainment.  He has a roster of stunningly talented individuals from many categories:  circus, acrobatics, mime, juggling and more!  

He is proud to work with Vita Perfetta to assemble a unique and fantastic entertainment package created just for your event!