Mona Lisa’s got nothing on you, thanks to iCube Art Immersions!

Walking around an museum admiring world-class art is cool, but wouldn’t it be even better if you

could BE that art?

Put yourself in a Picasso!

Go become a Van Gogh!

It’s easy to be a Banksy!

You’re free to be a Frida!

Using our iCube photo booth technology, you can immerse yourself in virtually any work of art

from the most esteemed painters and artists in history.

Our iCube experts will help you find the perfect piece to put yourself into. Got a good

Impressionist impression? Whether you choose to blend into the art or do something that stands

out is totally up to you as you create a brand new masterpiece!

Afterwards, you can further customize your printed-out photo with stamps, stickers, and more!

Become part of the art with Vita Perfetta’s iCube Art Immersions!