For those who enjoy trick-or-treating (so.. everybody everywhere) Halloween is a night of joyous uncertainty. Yes, you will have fun with friends. And yes, you will get tons of candy. However, the uncertainty rests in the quality of candy you’ll receive from your neighbors. 

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your Halloween party has the sweetest treats, the best party favors, and the most fun activities for a ghostly good time! 

Check out Vita Perfetta’s featured spooky services that’ll put the “howl” in your Halloween!

Graveyard Terrariums - Our edible “hanging plants” are done with a Halloween twist! Cookie tombstones, sugar skulls and more rest in a devil’s food-cake and grass fondant graveyard! 

Trick-or-Treat Bars - It’s like putting a costume on your chocolate bar! Dress it up ghoulishly with green slime, ghost marshmallow, fake blood, sugar pumpkins and more!

Spooky Smash Cakes - Make your Smash Cake chocolate shell creepy on the outside with horrifyingly Halloween-like designs. Or, treat your guests to a scary surprise like fake blood, cake guts, or slime pudding oozing out once they smash the cake open!

Gashed & Gored Makeup - Whether you’re a ghoul, zombie, soldier, or more, this is a surefire way for you to win best costume! We apply incredibly real looking makeup on your face, arms, and/or legs that’ll truly have heads turning (or even rolling off) in fear.

T-Shirts “Tie Die For” - It’s a Halloween take on tie dye! Get in the spirit of the night with swirling orange and black patterns, or our “tie die” blood-red designs.

Wacky Halloween Hair - From Cousin It to wacky webs of teased and tangled hair, we dare scare using your hair! All colors, unique shaping, and more!

Halloween Cauldron Bath Bombs - Who is that in the witch’s brew? Oh’s you! Black cauldrons boiling with bubbling, gooey green or potion-like purple soapy suds will make bath-time scary relaxing!

bathbombs halloween.gif

As if those weren’t enough awesome spooky services to stuff your pillowcase with, check out these additional options to celebrate October 31st for the most haunted of Halloweens!

  • Halloween Slime

  • Creepy Halloween Hand Molds

  • Specimens in a Jar

  • Decorated Pumpkins

  • Spooky Karaoke”

  • Scary Live Screenwriting

  • Potion Fragrance Bar

  • Halloween Face Paint

  • Creepy Candles

  • Undead Pancake Art

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