Ah yes, Halloween. If you think about it, Halloween is the perfect example of a melting pot. And that isn’t just because of the number of witch’s cauldrons boiling about. Rather, it’s a day when pirates, ghosts, and princesses can walk arm-in-arm in harmony. Yes, even your favorite superheroes and villains put aside their differences, all in the name of candy!

And Vita Perfetta sees it the same way. We can combine our existing services with a Halloween theme, creating a multidimensional experience unlike anything you’ve seen or enjoyed before!

Let us turn “trick or treat” into “treat or treat”. With the tap of a magic wand your vision will be brought to life. If none of our listed services seem like they’ll scratch the Halloween itch for you, no need to say ‘boo’. Like the jack-o-lantern of your dreams, we can carve out the perfect custom Halloween experience for you and your guests.

We’d be ghoulish not to name a few of the many Halloween services we have to offer:

“Potion Fragrance Bar” - Whether it’s for good or evil, or healing or poison, our fragrance experts can create a scented potion that will encapsulate the holiday, just for you.

“Pie Candles” - It looks like dessert. It smells like dessert. But it’s made of wax! Trick your guests with our treat Pie Candles. Fall classics like pumpkin pie are among the nearly infinite desserts that we can emulate with our incredible Pie Candles.

“Caramel Apple Soap” - Literally bathe in the festivities of Halloween with our Caramel Apple Soap. Our expert soap-crafter creates a take-home goodie that will find your home with the scents of the holiday for weeks to come.

“Halloween Slime” - What do Frankenstein, a ghost, and a jack-o-lantern all have in common? They can be turned into Halloween Slime! Smiley-face-laced mason jars filled with strechy, flubbery, playful green, white, or orange slime make the perfect takeaway for any Halloween event.

“Creepy Halloween Hand Molds” - The name says it all! Our classic hand molds, but with a Halloween twist. Make them black and orange, or deck them out with spiders, webs, gore, and more!

“Specimens in a Jar” - It’s a science experiment gone wrong! Brains, rodents, bugs..if it creeps and crawls, we’ll put it in a jar with our special mummifying preservative liquid.

“Decorated Pumpkins” - Pumpkins have feelings too, so let’s make them feel beautiful! Create a pumpkin painted masterpiece!

“Spooky Karaoke” - Get your ghostly groove on. Sing Halloween-inspired hits, or dress in costume as your favorite musician as you take over the stage with the gusto of the greats!