Flower Crowns

Flowers share so many special moments of our lives why not wear them too.  Flower crowns can be a great addition to any special occasion: birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, bar/bat mitzvahs and more.

Made from real or artificial flowers, our beautiful flower crowns are hand-crated for each of your guests. Choosing from a variety of beautiful flowers each guest can design a halo based on their individual style: boho, chic, glam or whimsical.  


Flower Cat Ears are a cute new take on the flower headband craze.

These headbands are absolutely adorable and completely customizable. Guests choose their color and type of flowers and our artists will create the perfect cat ears on site.

Vita Perfetta Flower Cat Ears are party favor perfect for the kid in all of us!

download (1).jpeg
Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 2.31.23 PM.png


Adorn yourself with Vita Perfetta Fantasy Flower Wristlets. From bright splashes of color to posh pastels, it’s floral jewelry with a flair!

Choose from fresh or silk flowers as our talented artists customize each wristlet your to personal style. 

Unleash your inner artist with the interactive entertainment of a craft-style setup. Party guests will love being the designer, as they create their individual wearable bouquet. 

Whether it’s a girly gathering, elegant affair, or funky bash, Vita Perfetta Fantasy Flower Wristlets are the perfect party touch!



Imagine you’re floating on a petal in an enchanted forest or hanging with friends at Coachella with Vita Perfetta Butterfly Crowns.

These beautiful headdresses turn fantasy into reality. Guests will love choosing their butterflies as our friendly staff adorns their personalized crowns.

Vita Perfetta Butterfly Crowns will take your guests to a new world!