Vita Perfetta Cool Jewelry is the perfect party favor! It’s all about customization as we design unique pieces to fit each party guest’s personal style. From classic to edgy pieces, everyone will fall in love with these adorable accessories. 

Beaded Crystal Bracelets: Colorful crystal beads and charms blend to create handcrafted bracelets that are perfect for any style.

Steampunk Style Necklaces: Mix and match antique keys and locks on funky chains for a vintage, steampunk accessory.

Boho Indie Jewelry: From retro chokers with silver charms to leather, chains, and feathers, this is the essence of Coachella fashion.

Hand Stamped Accessories: Emboss names and meaningful messages onto your choice of genuine leather bracelets, key chains, dog tags, bangles, and more.

Make your fashion statement with Vita Perfetta Keepsake Jewelry!

Vita Perfetta antique key, lock and metal gear pieces are the essence of steampunk style. Our talented artists have a blast designing custom jewelry for each party guest using antique keys, locks, and chains. From romantic hearts to industrial designs, everyone will love watching as we mix and match charms with the perfect chain for their one-of-a-kind accessory.