Fun fact: A “Chocolate Maker” uses cacao beans and other ingredients to create chocolate, while a “Chocolatier” takes that chocolate and crafts delicious candy bars and other treats out of it.

Let’s skip the beans and turn you into a Chocolatier Extraordinaire!

We’ve got the chocolate, we’ve got the add-ons, now we just need you!

Create one-of-a-kind chocolate bars and lollipops using anything and everything you’d ever want to eat alongside chocolate!

From animal crackers, Oreos, and crushed cookies to gummy bears, freeze-dried fruit,  sprinkles, and more, let your sweet-tooth take over as you figure out what to bake into your bar!

Your custom chocolates won’t just taste amazing; they’ll look amazing too! Pick any theme, color, design, and shape. It’ll almost look too good to eat…almost…

Let Vita Perfetta help you make confection perfection, as you become a Chocolatier Extraordinaire!