Wait, I think I’m getting something. Yup. Okay, in your future I see… you defining your own destiny, with Vita Perfetta’s Wish-Prints!

Get all the fortune, and none of the telling. While fortune-tellers and crystal balls are cool, getting a custom-drawn, handmade print based on your very own hopes and dreams is even cooler.

Simply tell our artist what you’ve been wishing for, and they will channel cosmic energy from beyond to translate your request into a beautiful piece of fortune-style art.

Each piece starts with an empty crystal ball illustration. Once you’ve spoken with the artist, they will use a method of drawing called printmaking to craft a perfect interpretation of your ultimate wish.

Whether it’s world peace, finding love, hoping for wealth, craving an adventure, or beyond, your vision for your future will be masterfully portrayed in your very own Wish-Print.

You and your guests can then take home your new works of art to hang on your wall, providing you with a heartwarming reminder of your utmost desires.

Remember, you can’t get what you don’t ask for. With a Vita Perfetta Wish-Print, ask and you shall receive!