Do you dare…to try Vita Perfetta’s Wacky Hair?!

Sometimes beautiful-but-plain braids and ponytails are great, but every now and then it’s good to get a little hair crazy!

Our expert hairstylists have come together to invent some of the most audacious ‘doos ever!

The Donut / Cupcake: We can style your hair into a donut or cupcake! Complete with hair-friendly sprinkles and props like a cupcake baking cup or donut dish. Talk about fun with a hair bun!

The Soda Bottle: Got long hair? We can cut a hole in any plastic soda bottle, then shape your hair so it looks like it’s flowing out of the end of the bottle!

Vibrant Braids: We add bright, colorful clip-ons to compliment your own hair, then twist them together into rockstar-style braids!

Draw-On Designs: Don’t have that much hair to play with? No worries! We bring temporary hair-dye, and can draw designs like stars, footballs, and more right onto your hair!

For hair that’s a little “out there”, try Vita Perfetta’s Wacky Hair!