We’ve just enhanced our epic Bath Beauty line with the Vita Perfetta Fragrance Bar. It’s the newest thing in fab party favors. Fragrance is the perfect way to express your personality and leave a lasting impression.

If you’re not sure what fragrance is best for you, check out this guide to the picking the perfect fragrance for your personality: 


FRAGRANCE VIBE: Romantic, pure, powdery or warmed

PERFIT FIT FOR: Girly girls that love all things pretty and pink. Floral perfumes are great because they range from fresh and powdery hues to warm spicy notes.


If you love watching romantic comedies and your idea of the perfect date is a candlelit dinner at that cute Italian restaurant, this is the perfect scent for you!


FRAGRANCE VIBE: Warm, spicy and sweet

PERFIT FIT FOR: Creative dreamers that love all things vintage and classic. If you’re usually at the best coffee shops in the city listening to poetry or performing one of the epic songs you’ve written at open mic night, this scent has your name on it. It’s the perfect pairing for a true dreamer!


FRAGRANCE VIBE: Clean and refreshing citrus or aquatic aromas 

PERFIT FIT FOR: If “No Worries” is your motto, this is the scent that perfectly reflects your outlook on life. 



Fresh fragrances compliment your fresh look on the world. If you love chillin at the beach with friends during the day and partying your heart out all night, this is the scent profile for you!


FRAGRANCE VIBE: Sensual, nutty, smoky or mossy

PERFIT FIT FOR: The down to earth girl that’s oh so comfortable in her own skin. If you love movie marathons at home with friends and cool books that are full of mystery and intrigue, you totally embody the earthy nature of this fragrance profile.  

This scent is perfect for your hikes in the park and pizza and wings night with your besties!

Now that you know how to choose the perfect fragrance for you, click here to book the Vita Perfetta Fragrance Bar at your next event! We have scent profiles for every personality!


What fragrance best describes you?