Vita Perfetta is always first with the newest and hottest trends. When this new tech tool “popped” on the scene, we couldn’t pass it by. PopSockets are now part of our party services and we couldn’t resist taking them over the top! A Vita Perfetta Popsocket is customized with jewels or monogram lettering for a truly personalized party favor. To have Vita 

Perfetta party Popsockets at your next event, click here for more information. 

So, what is a PopSocket? It’s a hot accessory that attaches to your cellphone case. It collapses flat and pops open to become a finger grip or phone stand. Here are some fun ways to use PopSockets:

ROCKIN IT: With one PopSocket near the top of the phone case

GOOD FOR: Optimal finger gripping for texting and posting on social media. Don’t worry about your phone slipping when you rock your PopSocket this way.

The finger grip is perfectly positioned to hold the phone between your index and middle fingers while texting, searching and posting all your content. When you’re finished and need to put the phone away, just collapse the accordion.

FUN TIP: This positioning is also ideal for phone stand placement. When you “pop out” your pop socket, it will perfectly rest on the surface of the table at great angle for reading and receiving alerts.


ROCKIN IT: With two Popsockets on either end of the phone case

GOOD FOR: Maximum control when gaming. If you use your phone for games, you know that two hands are better than one. Rocking your PopSocket this way allows you to use both hands for finger gripping. This leaves both thumbs free to do all the work.

Gone are the days of accidentally pressing buttons when your finger slips. Your gaming will never be the same when you rock your PopSockets this way.


FUN TIP: When you rock two PopSockets, it’s also a great way to store the excess earpiece wiring. Just wrap the wiring between the PopSockets and no more tangles!


ROCKIN IT: With one PopSocket in the middle of the phone case

GOOD FOR: Selfies of course! This PopSocket placement is ideal for the perfect selfie. No more fingers in the photo. 


Because the Popsocket is directly in the middle of the phone case, your fingers rest perfectly in place to hold the phone with ease leaving your thumb free to take the photo or video footage. Rocking your PopSocket this way will always ensure you have a steady shot!

FUN TIP: Rock your PopSocket in the middle at parties to take the best photos. You’ll never have to worry about dropping your phone again! 


Which way will you rock your PopSocket?