One of the first and definitely the most popular Vita Perfetta service is KROME BODY. These custom metallic tattoos are designed to enhance the style and spirit of the wearer. One of the most common questions at our KROME BODY events, is “how should I wear it?” or “where should I put it?”

These lovely designs look great everywhere, but here are some great outside the box ways to rock your KROME BODY tattoos. Try these and you’ll really turn heads. If you’re interested in booking KROME BODY at your event, click here for more information.


FASHION VIBE: This beachy collection brings to mind soft sand and crystal clear waters. It’s the perfect accessory for a day on the beach. If you’re a bohemian girl, these tattoos will be your new best friend! 

HOW TO ROCK IT: Try turning the bracelets into a body chain by applying them to your midsection instead of around your wrist. It’s a great complement to a cute bikini or mid-drift top.



FASHION VIBE: “It girls” out there, you know who you are, this collection is for you! If you love being current on the hot new trends and are a social diva, this collection really brings out your personal style.

HOW TO ROCK IT: You always push the envelope of fashion, so try wearing your tattoos on the outside edge of your hands. You’ll look fabulous as text your many admirers and update your social calendar. 


COLLECTION: In the Moment

FASHION VIBE: This collection is for the fashion risk takers. When you walk in the party, heads turn and everyone wants to know what you’re wearing. Your trendsetting style has no limits, and this collection is the perfect pairing to anything in your closet.

HOW TO ROCK IT: Everyone will be watching as you walk away, so give them a little more to look at. Try applying your tattoos to the back of your leg near your heel for that extra pop that no one will be expecting.


These are just a few fun ways to experiment with your tattoos. Let your imagination go wild and find a style that works best for you. To purchase our KROME BODY tattoos, visit our website to find a collection you absolutely love!


What are your favorite ways to wear your KROME BODY tattoos?