We love cute accessories, and when it comes to personal style, it’s all about customization. With these two unique choker tutorials, you’ll have one-of- a kind creations that will absolutely slay!

The method is super easy and fast, When you get the hang of it, try different charms to make it even more creative. If you’re ready to give it a try, you’ll only need a few supplies and you’re all set!

Check out this easy YouTube tutorial and try it for yourself! YouTube link -

Vita Perfetta Boho Indie Jewelry brings custom jewelry creations to your own special event. Our artists use chokers, charms, leather, chains, and feathers to design gorgeous custom necklaces for each party guest.

Everyone loves creating their own unique accessory. It’s a party favorite every time! To learn more about this service, contact us.


Try this and let us know what you think!