Dream Catchers are beautiful ancient tools used to bestow sweet dreams. The secret is the intricate lacing within the hoops. They are used to guide good dreams through the holes and down the feathers to you as you sleep. The bad dreams are caught in the web to be dissolved in the morning sun. Not only are these a lovely way to keep only the best dreams, they are also a beautiful decoration and can be customized to fit your style. 

Vita Perfetta Dream Catchers are great party favors that are designed on site as guests customize them with multi colored beads, jewels and feathers. Everyone always loves making them unique. If you’d like to have Vita Perfetta Dream Catchers at your next event, click here for more information.

In the meantime, try making a creation of your own with the do it yourself instructions below: 


  •  Metal or Wooden Hoop
  •  Suede Lacing
  •  Waxed Nylon String 
  •  Beads or Gemstones
  •  Feathers
  •  Scissors


  1. First wrap the Suede Lacing around the hoop. Make sure the Lacing touches but does not overlap.
  2. Double tie the lacing at the end.
  3. Knot a loop of Suede on one end of the hoop to hang the dream catcher when it’s done.
  4. Take the string and lace it between the Suede in loops.
  5. Make one loop around the hoop and tie a knot.
  6. Then create another loop and tie it. If you make six loops, you’ll have a hexagon shape, eight will give you an octagon.
  7. Add beads or gemstones within your web by threading the string with a bead or gem before tying the loop.
  8. Now repeat the loop process within your hexagon or octagon shape to make the second layer of loops.
  9. Continue looping and adding beads to layers as many times as necessary to get to the center of your hoop.
  10. Use the Suede Lacing to tie to the end of your feathers. Tie the other end of the lacing to your hoop so that it dangles below the hoop. 
  11. Add as many feathers as you’d like around the bottom half of your hoop.
  12. Voila! You’ve created your own personalized dream catcher. Don’t forget to hang it over your sleeping place for sweet dreams.

For more detail, check out this great 5-minute video tutorial.


Try this out and let us know what you think.