Hair chalk is the best of both worlds. We absolutely love liquid hair chalk because it’s cleaner than traditional hair chalk and is so easy to deposit the color without it transferring to your outfit!

Whether your hair is light or super dark, hair chalk will coat the strands and reflect color at its full spectrum.

The newest trend in hair color is unicorn hair. It’s characterized by bright pops of color saturating the entire head.

Think bright ombre tones of purples, pinks and blues. Really turn up with oranges and greens. There are no rules to this style.

The trick is to let your imagination run wild. Seal the look with hair spray or a quick pass with a flat iron. Grab your own liquid hair chalk and dive into this trend!

Book Vita Perfetta Hair Chalk at your next event and we’ll give everyone their own unicorn hairstyle.


Add our awesome Hair Braiding Service and we’ll style your rainbow locks into cool and intricate braid styles that will steal the show.

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What colors would you use for your unicorn hair?