We love bath beauty items and when you can make them yourself, the options are endless! If you’ve ever had Vita Perfetta Bath Beauty at your event, you know how much fun everyone has customizing their own body scrubs and bath bombs. Different scents and colors blend to make cute party favors that smell amazing.

When we saw this cool tutorial that allows you to make your own soap emojis with clear soap base and images printed on water-soluble paper, we couldn’t resist sharing it!

If you can’t resist trying it, grab your supplies and get ready to have a great time!

You’ll Need:

Your Emoji Images Printed on Water-Soluble Paper

Clear Glycerin Soap Base

Soap Molds in Your Choice of Shape

White Glycerin Soap Base

Essential Oil

Rubbing Alcohol

Soap Colorant in your choice of color (optional)


Try this and let us know how it goes!