We fell in love with this cute tutorial and couldn’t resist sharing it! Feather headbands are an awesome look for summer and a great complement to any braided hairstyle style or bohemian outfit.

We love boho chic accessories, like our Vita Perfetta Wire Wrapping, and Indie Jewelry. We have a blast creating unique designs for guests at parties all over the city.

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Call over a few friends and make feather headbands with this awesome tutorial:


▪  Faux Suede or Leather Cord

▪  Feathers (in your choice of color and sizes)

▪  Jump Rings

▪  Beads (in your choice of color)

▪  3MM Feather End Crimps

▪  Pliers



  1. Measure the cord around your head remembering to leave plenty of length for the tail.
  2. Use this measurement to cut the cord into three pieces of equal length.
  3. Thread all three of your cords into one bead. This is where you will begin the braid, so remember to leave plenty of space below the bead for the tail. (the bead should be large enough to fit the cords, but not so large that it’s loose.)
  4. Braid the three cords until you have reached a few inches from the end.
  5. Add a bead to the three strands at that end of the braid to secure it.
  6. Take the end of one of the leather strands and add two beads.
  7. Below the beads add one crimp to the very end of the strand. Close it around the strand with pliers.
  8. Add a jump ring to the end of the crimp.
  9. Add another crimp to the jump ring.
  10. Insert a few feathers into the crimp and close the crimp around the feathers using pliers.
  11. Follow steps 6-10 for the five remaining cords. (Cut the cord ends at different lengths on each side of the braid tocreate levels).
  12. When you’re finished, just wrap it around your head and tie a knot!

For more details, check out this cool YouTube video.