A few months ago, we gave you a really cool “create your own dreamcatcher tutorial.” It was such a hit, we decided to share another one.

This awesome tutorial shows you how to design a crescent moon dreamcatcher. It’s so unique, and makes a great gift. You’ll only need a few supplies and you’re ready to start crafting!

Take a look at this easy tutorial and try it for yourself:

You’ll Need:

Metal Ring



Lace or Ribbon

Feel Free to Mix up the colors with the Yarn, String, Ribbon and Lace

If like this tutorial, you’ll love Vita Perfetta Party Dreamcatchers! Guests get to mix and match colorful rings, doilies, ribbons and lace to create their own dreamcatcher.

Our friendly staff assembles each dreamcatcher based on the guest’s preferences and everyone leaves with their own personal work of art. Vita Perfetta Dreamcatchers are a party hit! If you’d like more information about booking this at your next event, click here to contact us.


What colors did you choose for your dreamcatcher?