It’s time for pumpkin decorating, and we found a great tutorial that you absolutely must try!

This no mess, no fuss pumpkin decorating technique bids farewell to the days of rotting pumpkins and tons of clean up. Instead of traditional pumpkins, you’ll use their foam counterparts.

Since they never spoil, you can use them year after year. Grab your supplies and try the three different designs. You’ll fall in love with your new creations:

You’ll need:

  • Foam Pumpkins
  • Dress Pins
  • Decorative Spiders
  • Glitter (you pick the color)
  • Glitter Glue


After you’ve created your awesome foam pumpkins, give your party guests a treat with Vita Perfetta Glow Pumpkins!

Guests get to create unique pumpkin designs with glow in the dark paint. It’s the perfect party favor for the season, and everyone can bring their pumpkin home for a spooky, glowy, outdoor decoration!

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Which pumpkin style was your favorite?