If you’ve ever had Vita Perfetta Party Lips at your event, you know we can’t get enough of these cool beauty tools! We just love matching the perfect patterns with your party attire. Lips are the foundation of a great look. 

Spring is here and it’s time to put away winter’s frosty tones and dive right in to the new bright trends of the season. This list will give you day and night options that are the perfect fit for any occasion.  

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COLOR VIBE: The Carefree Flower Child

Pastel is all the rage this spring but don’t be fooled, this trend leans more toward the muted 70’s vibe.

Think Charlie’s Angels and you’ve got the idea! For a cool look, mix and match pastel eye shadow with a warm blush to bring this look together.



COLOR VIBE: The Chic Fashionista

This is for the bold girls! Beauty brands are launching tons of wine colored lipsticks this spring, and nothing gives a dramatic pop better than this gorgeous black cherry tone.

Mix it with a great nude eye shadow and bold liner to really turn heads.



COLOR VIBE: The Hopeless Romantic

It’s not quite red and not quite pink, just perfectly in the middle. It gives the best of both shades. Classic and flirty, this color screams “The Notebook.”

Minimal eye shadow with freshly shaped eyebrows perfectly complete this effortless look. 



COLOR VIBE: The Party Girl

Shout out to the fun loving party girls out there! This one is for you. Try these cool lip tattoos in gorgeous patterns. Vita Perfetta is a huge fan of these and offers them as a party service.


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Which lip color will you be wearing this Spring?