If you’re ready to take your selfie game to the next level, check out these great tips to take amazing shots.


1. Lighting is everything!

Proper lighting will completely transform your shot. Outdoor lighting on a cloudy day is best.


2. Brighten up!

For a fresh look add a little extra blush and contouring highlights to your face.


3. Find your best angle!

If you hold your camera slightly above eye level and angel your face at a ¾ angle, you’ll always capture your best side!


3. Apps and Hardware to the Rescue!

If you can’t get your perfect lighting, try a selfie lighting ring. For fun apps that capture your essence, try FaceTune to instantly retouch imperfections or Retrica with 100 different real time filters that even exceed Instagram!

Now that you have the skills to take your best selfie, you’re ready to try the Vita Perfetta iCube. It’s the first party selfie booth complete with awesome apps and 3 different stations. You and your guests will enjoy taking selfies all night long!

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What’s your favorite selfie pose?