Vita Perfetta is all about personalization and our services are tailored to your unique and creative style. In that spirit, we’ve compiled five fun party invitation ideas that are truly original.

Express your party personality with one of these cool creations! 

Custom Printed Balloons

GREAT FOR: Carefree, Fun Events for the Forever Young

DETAILS: This great invitation idea involves printing your own invitation directly onto a balloon. Guests receive a card containing their un-inflated surprise and when they blow it up, they can see your party details.

There are many companies that can create your custom balloon design. Staples does this locally or you can use an online company for more flexibility. 

FUN TIP: Try using balloon colors that match your theme

Message in a Bottle

GREAT FOR: Chic, Girlie Gatherings and Beach Themes 

DETAILS: This classic idea requires minimal effort, but looks absolutely amazing. Just select a favorite bottle shape. Be sure to consider your theme and don’t be shy about color.

Print the invitations. Roll and tie them with string and insert them into your bottle. Voila, you’re done! Your guests will have a party invitation and a cute keepsake all in one. 

FUN TIP: Amp it up with sand and shells or glitter and gems.

Custom Viewmasters

GREAT FOR: Hip Soirees and Retro Bashes

DETAILS: Remember clicking through the cool pictures in a Viewmaster. You can bring back this nostalgic toy as a great party invitation. It’s a lot easier that you’d think to get custom viewmasters created.


Design your invitation and check out this company that will take care of the rest! You can even customize the viewfinder color.

FUN TIP:  Add a few photos for a cute pre-party slideshow


What’s the coolest party invitation you’ve ever received?