Advice Perfetta: Back to School

Question: I’m going back to school. I’m a little nervous, and for some reason my mom is like more freaked out than I am. Any back to school tips…for both of us?

Dear Reader,

It’s sad to see summer go, but going back to school is fun too! You get to see friends everyday, learn a lot, and let’s face it, you probably were getting bored of summer by now anyway.

The transition back is indeed just that, a transition, and it takes time to adjust. Here are some tips to make going back to school nice and smooth.


  1. Stay positive! Think of the benefits of going back to school, rather than the negatives.

  2. Eat healthy. It may be tempting to have junk food, but you will feel better and perform

  3. better at school, athletics, and in life with a healthy diet. Of course, there’s always going to be the occasionally treat, so don’t worry!

  4. Be confident! You rock, and while tons of people recognize that, there may be a bully who doesn’t. But that is their problem, so don’t let anyone get you down!


  1. Show interest in your child’s day. Ask how school was, rather than getting into the nitty gritty of how they felt taking a test or how much homework they have.

  2. Make sure your child is getting their rest, and on a schedule to provide stability.

  3. Be a homework helper! Homework will be more appealing if it is an activity that can be done together (but don’t do it for them!)

Hope that helps! Til next time..

-Advice Perfetta