Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Fall/Autumn/Harvest

Well, it’s officially Fall. For those who prefer summer sun and the beach, that’s bad news. But for those who love the changing of the leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the general coziness of Fall, it’s great news!

Each season has its own interesting backstory when it comes to how they got their name. Fall, however, has a few more layers than the other three seasons.

The season was actually first referred to as “Harvest” until the 1500s. Then, people began to nickname the season “Fall”, simply because of the falling leaves. Not sure if a 5-year-old came up with that, but hey, it’s quick, catchy, and it stuck. Autumn, a French word for this time of year, became popular for a while; until people decided one syllable is better than two, and reverted back to Fall.

So if you want to impress your friends this Fall, you can tell them:

Elton John’s real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight..

Natalie Portman’s real name is Neta-Lee Hershlag..
..And Fall’s real name is Harvest!