Advice Perfetta: Pressure is a Privilege

Question: I have a new job and I’m really nervous about it. It’s a promotion and I don’t want to screw up! Any advice?

Dear Reader,

Congrats on your promotion! That means that not only have you been doing a good job, but you’ve been doing a great job and are being recognized for it.

There is a perfect quote that you should think of any time you get nervous due to a new responsibility, a big moment, or any time you feel like you are out of your depths.

“Pressure is a privilege.”

This simple yet impactful quote by tennis legend and activist Billie Jean King is such a good piece of advice for all. It basically means that sure, you have every right to feel nervous, unsure, or doubt yourself. But, the fact that you’re in a position of trust, with people depending on you…that’s special, and you’ve earned it. So do your best, and know that leaders at all levels feel pressure too.

Hope that helps! Til next time..

-Advice Perfetta