Advice Perfetta: Hot Weather

Question: This summer is already HOT. Any advice on how to deal with the hot weather?

Dear Reader,

The weather plays a big part in our lives. Early in the year it’s cold and we look for ways to stay warm. Then 6 months go by, and suddenly it’s too hot and we need to find ways to stay cool!

And unfortunately, we struggle to even fully predict the weather, nonetheless be able to change it.

Below is a list of ways to stay cool in the hot months of summer.

1. Shade. Shade is your best friend in the summer. Not only is the temperature cooler in the shade, but here you are also significantly more protected from sunburn.

2. Wear Sunscreen. The more burnt you get, the hotter you’re gonna feel, and the more dehydrated you’re gonna get. It’s already hot out, so don’t make yourself your worst enemy by allowing your skin to be vulnerable to the strength of the sun.

3. Hydrate. Drink lots of water. When it’s hot out, you have to compensate for the additional liquid you lose when you sweat.

4. Stay Indoors. If it’s TOO hot, sometimes it’s best to simply stay inside. If you have air conditioning, even better. If you don’t have AC, there are options like box fans, window units, and portable AC units that can keep each room cool.

5. Swim. You’re probably already doing this, but go swim! Pools, lakes, the ocean…this is their prime time! If you can’t find somewhere to swim, a cold shower or bath can also help take the heat edge off.

Good luck staying cool this summer!

Hope that helps! Til next time..

-Advice Perfetta