Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Networking: The Hawk

Last time on the Comedy Cabinet, we spoke about The Lurker; a type of person at a networking event who, as the name implies, kind of just quietly lurks around.

This week, meet The Hawk. The Hawk is an aggressive, loud, and big personality. Some may even say annoying. An example below:

At a networking event, HAWK body-checks Lurker out of the way, and cuts into the group's conversation. Hawk shakes everyone's hands. His handshakes are way too hard, and last way too long. 

Hawk: Hey, Hank here. Did I meet you on the set of Antman? No? I was in that movie. 

Random Person: Cool, no I-

Hawk: Hey, I’m Hank. I have 1.3 million Youtube subscribers. What do you do? Here, take a business card. Eh, take two, one for your kids. Kids love that stuff.

The Hawk stuffs 2 business cards in a few people’s shirt pockets, pats them on the back, and moves on.

Generally, a Hawk is memorable. Unfortunately, it’s for the wrong reasons. Often times they stand out for being loud or perhaps even rude. In a networking environment, where you have a limited amount of time to make a good impression…that ain’t good.

To conclude our series of networking-no-no’s, next week will we talk about our last networking personality type: The Time Warp.