Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet! Networking: The Lurker

Since I can remember, I've always been told how important it is to network. Whether it's just meeting people at a party, or going to an actual networking event, it's something that everyone can do, and it really can connect great people and lead to opportunities. But before you get out there, make yourself aware of the types of networkers you may encounter, and make sure to be yourself, rather than one of the networking archetypes that we will outline in this blog.

This week, we will talk about “The Lurker”.

Here is an example of a Lurker in action:

A handful of people in business attire walk around and chat in a conference room. A group of three people chat. LURKER stands outside the group.

Lurker (quietly): Hi, I just- oh.

The group doesn't acknowledge Lurker. Lurker stands next to the group, awkwardly looking around.

Lurker: Um. Here.

Lurker randomly hands one of the three a business card. They look at Lurker, then continue chatting.

Lurkers aren't a threat, but really more of a detriment to themselves. While they may be quiet and awkward in person, they’re likely to go home and post a bunch of pictures on Linkedin and Instagram of themselves next to random groups of people from the event. #networking

Next time on the Comedy Cabinet, get ready to learn about a much different type of networker… The Hawk.