Advice Perfetta: My Friend is Moving

Question: My close friend is moving across the country and I’m super bummed out. How can I start to feel better about it?

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry to hear your friend is moving far away. What you’re feeling is totally normal, though! It’s a total bummer when someone you enjoy spending time with moves away.

However, there are some positives that can help you cope with the situation.

First of all, you have a new place to visit! Since you said you are close with your friend, you’ll obviously want to visit each other. So make the most out of it, and enjoy having a new area to explore and (hopefully) a free couch to crash on when doing so!

Secondly, it’s very easy to stay in touch with modern technology. You and your friend can text, chat, call, and video chat whenever! Keep up with all of the gossip, drama, and fun in both of your lives despite not always being there in person.

Hope that helps! Til next time..

-Advice Perfetta