Advice Perfetta: Reconnecting

Question: I kinda just woke up one day and realized that I have a handful of old friends I haven’t talked to in forever! I wanted to get back in touch, but don’t really know how or what to say. Any thoughts?

Dear Reader,

It’s great that you want to rekindle your friendships! As life progresses, life also gets in the way of being able to stay in touch with friends and family as much as we may have liked. Between work, your immediate family, moving around, your extracurriculars, and good and bad fortunes that keep us busy in life, taking in touch can be a real challenge!

The first step for getting back in touch? Just go for it! It may feel a little awkward at first, but most likely your friend will be so glad to hear from you. Simply send them a message on social media, a text, or even a call to get things going again. If you’ve really lost touch, you can probably find them on social media, or even

Start with the basics; what you’ve been up to, what’s going on in their life, and before you know it that conversation will flow like no time has passed at all. Chatting about old memories while learning what’s new in your friend’s life is a great way to ensure that you have an awesome time reconnecting.

When in doubt, remember the wise words of the Spice Girls: “Friendship never ends”.

Hope that helps! Til next time..

-Advice Perfetta