Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Memorial Day: Start of Summer

On Monday, May 27th, Americans across the country will get together and celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a wonderful, emotional holiday, as we honor those who have fallen fighting for our freedom. The holiday is observed on the last Monday in May, and is part of a three-day weekend of festive, patriotic celebrations, like parades and cookouts.

What this holiday brings up that’s funny, though, is that it signifies the “unofficial start of summer”. While plenty of kids are out of school by Memorial Day, many still have several weeks of school left before they can officially call it summer break. 

And as far as the seasons go, don’t tell Mother Nature about this “unofficial start of summer”! Summer OFFICIALLY starts on June 21st, nearly 4 weeks after Memorial Day.

Don’t even get Mother Nature started on Labor Day, aka “the unofficial end of summer”. Labor Day 2019 will take place on September 2, nearly 3 full weeks before summer officially ends!

What’s my stance in all this? Well, it seems like Memorial Day is on point by starting summer early, ‘cause everybody loves summer. The logical conclusion is pushing Labor Day back 3 weeks, which would make summer longer. Are you into that idea?

Thought so…