Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Easter Egg Hunt Fails

Ah, yes, the classic Easter egg hunt. It was just recently Easter, which means families across the country painted eggs and hid them for their kids (and/or fun-loving adults friends) to find, likely with a reward of chocolate as motivation.

While this tradition may leave you wondering, “What does this have to do with Easter?” - it actually dates back thousands of years!

I’d like to think that that means for thousands of years, parents have made some silly mistakes that led to Easter egg hunt fails! But either way, here are the top 3 most recent ones.

3. Hiding the egg in the oven. The oven is a perfectly fine hiding place. What makes it a fail is when nobody finds the egg, it gets forgotten, and then when you pre-heat the oven later on you find a cooked egg! Or if it’s a plastic egg, you find a melted egg…

2. Squirrels. Need we say more? If you hide an egg in a tree that is inhabited by squirrels, chances are nobody will ever find it, aside from those pesky squirrels!

1. Sunny Side Up. Apparently one clever dad thought it’d be funny to hide eggs around the yard…but cooked them sunny side up first. Needless to say the kids were confused, as they assumed they were searching for uncooked, painted eggs, but never found any…