Advice Perfetta: Taking a Sick Day

Question: I really don’t feel well, but have too much going on at work to take a sick day! What should I do?

Dear Reader,

Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well! Our culture really values putting in a hard day’s work, but sometimes we take that to the extreme. It can be tough to weigh up self care versus taking care of business. However, there are a number of reasons to take a sick day when you need one.

Firstly, will you really be able to perform your best at work if you are under the weather? The answer is most likely “no”. While it may be annoying in the short term to take an unwanted day off, coming to work sick can have worse long-term ramifications than simply taking a day off.

Another big factor: think of your co-workers. Coming to work sick means that you are spreading your germs, and you could potentially get your co-workers sick. That’s no good!

Remember, rest is essential to getting better, so try your best to take a sick day when you’re under the weather!

Hope that helps! Til next time…

-Advice Perfetta