Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Honest Feedback

Honest feedback is often times necessary in life, even if the feedback is hard to hear. It could be getting someone’s opinion on your writing, singing, cooking, or really anything. Honest feedback helps people grow and improve, and as long as it’s given in an inoffensive way, it is something that should be seen as positive.

But…there are definitely times when it is not needed at all. Here’s a fun example:

Danielle and Sean sit at a restaurant and eat their meal. A staff member comes by to check on them.

STAFF MEMBER: How is everything today?

DANIELLE: So good, thank you.

STAFF MEMBER: Great, glad to hear i-

SEAN: Well, honey, now wait a minute. Didn’t you say your burger tasted a bit cheap?

DANIELLE: Well, yeah, but there’s no point in-

SEAN: And my soda was like half water. 

STAFF MEMBER: Okay…sorry about that. Do you want a new soda?

SEAN: No, no, you asked how things were, so just giving some honest feedback.

STAFF MEMBER: Thank you for that. I’ll relay the message. No dessert today?

SEAN: Just a little more feedback, if the customer complains about the food, maybe try harder to better their experience rather than up-sell them on dessert, you know?

STAFF MEMBER: I apologize sir, let me know what I can do to better your experience.

SEAN: No, no, it’s fine, just figured I’d give you more honest feedback. For next time.

STAFF MEMBER: For next time. Great, sir. 

DANIELLE: Sean, I think you’re being a little too honest.

SEAN: Hey, when I come to McDonalds, I expect a great experience. 

Sean and Danielle exit McDonalds as the staff members shakes his head.