Advice Perfetta: I Got Pranked

Question: So it was just April Fools’ Day and I got pranked! I never think to do any pranks myself, so I get annoyed when other people prank me, but someone always does. How can I stop this or deal with it better?

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry to hear that you keep getting pranked! While pranks, especially on April Fools’ Day, are meant to be lighthearted and fun, it can get really old if you are constantly the victim. There are two ways you can handle this.

The first option is, try not to let it get to you, and better yet, get even. Check out last week’s Comedy Cabinet post with some tips on orchestrating your own prank! Your family and friends pull pranks on you because you give them the fuel they need to keep coming back for more, which is: a reaction. If you show that you’re annoyed, they’re going to want to keep pranking you. Ultimately, though, they care about you and don’t want to get you upset to the point of resentment. So if you truly don’t want to get in the pranking game and just need it to stop, go for option number 2.

Option 2 is simply sitting down those that prank you, and letting them know it is unacceptable. It’s not nice to make you play a game you want no part of, so explain that it really upsets you and it needs to stop. If the pranks continue, it is time to get someone you trust, or an authority figure like a parent, teacher, boss, etc to help you get your message across.

Hope that helps! Til next time…

-Advice Perfetta