Advice Perfetta: Work/Life Balance

Question: I have a serious problem with switching off from work. I have what should be a pretty standard 9-5 job, but I get emails, calls, and texts in the morning, evening, and on weekends, and I always feel obligated to answer them. How can I go about improving my work/life balance?

 Dear Reader,

This is a problem that is occurring more and more as technology is pushed further and further. Back in the day you didn't have a smartphone with internet in your pocket, and even further back you didn't have email or internet to keep you constantly connected!

While these tools make our workdays super efficient and keep us in the loop, it can be a real pain when you put in a hard day's work at the office, come home, and get bugged all night or all weekend. 

If you are having this issue on a regular basis, it is important you talk to your supervisor and figure out a solution. Maybe you agree to be on-call here or there, maybe not, but being on the same page as your boss is a great place to start. You shouldn't have to be working all the time just because you can be contacted all the time. So start with self-advocating, and make sure you are having a fair work/life balance. 

Last point on that: your work will be better if you're able to shut down and enjoy some well-rounded time off. That can mean taking an actual, no-checking-your-email vacation, enjoying your weekends, and having a healthy amount of you, family, and friends time.

Hope that helps! Til next time…

-Advice Perfetta