Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Leprechauns 

On March 17th, people around the world dress up in green and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. While there is a big ol’ backstory to the holiday, nowadays it’s all about shamrocks, finding a pot of gold and… let’s be real: beer.

Another great thing about this holiday is what we’re gonna call its “mascot”. And that, my friends, is a leprechaun!

In honor of this holiday and leprechaun’s everywhere, we’ve decided to rank the 5 best holiday mascots!
5. The Easter Bunny. This is a cute mascot, and has totally become a staple of Easter. However, we’re gonna rank the bunny last on our list, because he hides eggs and makes us go and find them…too much work!

4. Cupid. Sometimes endearing, sometimes kinda creepy, Cupid represents Valentine’s Day well. But to top our list, it’d be better if he didn’t go around shooting people with love arrows…

3. Leprechaun. Everyone’s favorite symbol of St. Patrick’s Day is a little leprechaun. Between the classic outfit and the eye-raising accent, it’s a win. Plus, his whole pot of gold theory has made him relevant year-round, anytime you see a rainbow. That’s some good experiential marketing!

2. Hanukkah Harry. He may not be super mainstream, but this Hanukkah icon created for an SNL sketch gave Jewish children the hero they needed during a season where all you hear about is Santa. Speaking of Santa…

 1. Santa Claus. This is hands down the best holiday mascot of all time. He provides children around the world with toys, he employs elves and reindeer, and has an incredibly clever endorsement deal with Coca-Cola. Also, if we didn’t put him as #1 we may end up on the naughty list.

Have a fantastic St. Patty’s Day!