Advice Perfetta: Valentine’s Day Crush"

Question: I have a crush on somebody, but I’m too scared to say how I feel. And it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Help!

Dear Reader,

It can be incredibly intimidating to put yourself out there and tell somebody how you feel about them! Whether it’s a friend or someone you may not even know all that well yet, you probably have butterflies when you see them, right?

Well, assuming this person is also single, let those butterflies fly and ask them out! You don’t have to lay out all of your feelings or go over the top. Simply ask them if they’d like to get a coffee, lunch, or just hang out sometime.

If they say no, well, it could be awkward or embarrassing for a very brief, temporary amount of time. And that is perfectly okay. Just be proud you went for it, accept their answer, and then move on.

But if they say yes (and why wouldn’t they? You’re awesome!) that “yes” will feel amazing. It’s worth taking that chance. Don’t let your fear hold you back from something that could be great!

Hope that helps! Till next time…

-Advice Perfetta