Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Presidents’ Day

This past Monday, February 18th, we celebrated Presidents’ Day. While it’s great that we have a day to honor presidents past and present, there’s one person in all of this who has definitely drawn the short end of the stick.

That person is the first president of the United States of America: George Washington.

Although the holiday is known as both Presidents’ Day AND George Washington’s birthday, it totally started as simply a celebration of his birthday (February 22), given that he was the first President. The new version of the holiday is an off-shoot of his birthday, but now, it isn’t even celebrated on his birthday, but instead the third Monday of February.

And we all love Abraham Lincoln, but they tried to make his birthday part of George’s party too! Sorry, Lincoln, but your date of birth, February 12th, isn’t close enough to lump in with George’s. It has to be in the same week to have a combined party!

Long story short, let’s give George Washington an extra shout out on Presidents’ Day going forward. He deserves it!