Advice Perfetta: Traffic

Question: The city I live in has ridiculous traffic, and it drives me bananas! How do I stay cool

when dealing with so much traffic?

Dear Reader,

Spending hours on end sitting in slow or even non-moving traffic can be absolutely infuriating. However, no matter how frustrating you find it, you won’t be able to change it. You can throw a fit and get upset on the road, but the traffic will unfortunately remain the same. So there are two things you can do.

Firstly, if you are able to avoid driving in peak traffic times, definitely do that. Say you are going to go get groceries…try going at 9pm instead of 6pm.

But if you’re like most people in traffic, which means stuck in the morning and evening rush hour, you don’t have the luxury of simply sitting out traffic. In this case, it is all about changing your mentality. You need to accept that traffic is, unfortunately, part of your life. Use that time to listen to music you like, a great podcast, or even an audio book. Take foreign language lessons in the car, sing, or catch up with friends and family on the phone (hands-free of course!).

Once you “rebrand” traffic time into “me time”, you will feel a lot less stressed out by a slow-moving road.

Hope that helps! Till next time…

-Advice Perfetta