Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Hearts

Valentine’s Day is this week, and with that comes a lot of heart decorations. When you run into CVS to grab that last minute V-Day card or box of chocolates, half the store is decked out in pink and red hearts. Yes, indeed, hearts are the ultimate symbol of love.

But have you ever seen a picture of an actual human heart? It’s gross! 

How did we get to a place where this giant, yucky (gonna spare you any graphic details) muscular organ became the picture of love?

I think it’s time we find a new symbol. What about, say, a puppy? Everyone loves puppies. Or maybe chocolate? We already buy loved ones chocolate for Valentine’s Day anyway, right? 

Ah yes, a future where Hallmark Cards feature beautiful pictures of chocolate rather than hearts sounds like a pretty great thing.

For now, though, I’ve got to run to CVS and pick up a card with hearts, heart candies, and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Happy Valentine’s Day!