Advice Perfetta: Visiting Family

Question: I love my family, but when they come to visit or when I stay with them, it honestly can get really frustrating. What can I do to enjoy family time despite a clash in lifestyle, personality, etc?

Dear Reader,

Family is such a funny thing. They’re the people that you love the most, but sometimes they’re
also the people that can frustrate you the most!

My first suggestion, which isn’t always realistic, is to stay in a separate place when having family visits. Sure, you all love spending time together, but seeing them 24/7 and living the way they live full time can get old fast. However, this isn’t the most financially sensible option if you have a free place to stay or were planning to host.

If you do indeed stay together, you need to enter with a positive, open mindset. Understand that you do things your way, they do things their way, and neither of you are wrong; just different. If you accept that you’re gonna have a week that isn’t exactly how you like to live, it makes it a lot easier. Otherwise, you’ll continually find yourself getting worked up about things that won’t change in a day, a week, or possibly ever!

Hope that helps! Til next time..

-Advice Perfetta