Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Tipping

Giving a tip for services rendered is a very common practice in the United States. Whether it is a taxi driver, a waiter or waitress, a hairdresser, housekeeper, bellhop, or bartender, they generally receive a tip in the range of 15 to 20+ percent.

However, this is not the case around the world. A friend of mine moved here from England, and was completely baffled by our tipping culture. She thought it was silly to pay someone extra just to do their job. But, I explained this is how it works here, and that tips really help people make ends meet.

Well, she not only took it to heart, but began tipping everyone for every service. For example, her first American doctor’s appointment…

Doctor: “You’re the picture of health, Jessica, I’ll see you for your physical exam in a year.”

Jessica: “Thanks so much! Here’s a little something for you..” *Jessica hands the doctor a $20.

Doctor: “Oh, no, you can pay your co-pay up front.”

Jessica: “No, no, this is for you. You did a great job.”

This scenario has happened with police, firefighters, her teacher at a college certificate class…she’ll eventually figure out who to tip and who not to tip, but I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy some laughs until then.