Welcome to the Vita Perfetta Comedy Cabinet: Holiday Names

This week’s topic: Holiday Names

Having recently celebrated Labor Day, you have to think… isn’t that a weird name for this particular holiday? It is a celebration of workers, recognizing all they do and how hard they work. Yet, the name sounds like a day in which you should be doing Labor. Might as well call it ‘Work Hard Day’. Should we rebrand? Should we be going from Labor Day to Relax Day or Non-Labor Day?

Another great irony of Labor Day is all of the sales! It’s like, “Hey, Happy Labor Day. To celebrate we are going to open up all of the stores, and give major discounts so it is super busy for our workers, even though today is supposed to be a celebration of our workers…”

As a consumer, I can’t complain. But working on Labor Day, for a sale specifically called a “Labor Day Sale”…that is the definition of irony.

Oddly enough, the rest of our Federal Holidays seem to have perfectly appropriate names. A few examples:

“New Year’s Day” - Yup, that is literally what day it is. January 1st. Good name choice.

“Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr” - Can’t misinterpret this one.

“Washington’s Birthday” - I mean, maybe we can add “George” in there since Washington is a pretty common last name, but I’m just nitpicking now.