Something to Celebrate

We tend to create holidays in order to feel like there is something to celebrate every single day. It is fun to be surprised with a National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, or National Chicken Wing Day, but… two thoughts on that.

  1. Are these holidays that have been created for the joy of it, or just clever marketing?

  2. Why are all of the made-up holidays in the United States food-related??

Okay, nobody is complaining about free or discounted food, so I say we keep our awesome fake food holidays, but also remember that around the world, there is always something to celebrate!

This week’s selection: Farmers' Day in Zambia!

Zambia is a landlocked country in south-central Africa. It has Zimbabwe to the south, and the Congo to the north. Much of Zambia looks like something out of a movie, with vast open expanses of land, beautiful wildlife, and the world famous Victoria Falls.

On Farmers’ Day, Zambians give their thanks to the farmers that feed the country by simply giving them a day off. The holiday celebrates their hard work, and is a chance for farmers to have a day to relax.

Victoria Falls.jpg